Saturday, November 14, 2009

~ What a Rough Life! ~



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Jared and Kimberly Asendorf said...

Mrs. Tripp! How you doin'? Kim Asendorf know your long lost friends from Thermo Fisher/primerica? :) Hey! Just wanted to see how you guys were doing! I miss you guys! Even though Jared isn't doing Primerica anymore, we had a blast going to the events with you guys, Cali and so on and so forth. I hope life is treating ya good. Jared and I have been living in California for the past six months. He got a job as an apprentice lineman out here. It's been a fun experience, however we can't wait to move back up to beautiful cache valley again someday! I hope that when we do, that we could have a mini" reunion" with 'yall! :) lol...yes, I just used 'yall in a sentance. Wow! So anywho, just wanted to stop by and say hola! If you guys are ever in town for a Primerica event or whatever, you always have a place to stay! You can stop by and see us anytime! Take care lady and have an awesome Christmas!! Say hi to the fam from us. :)